Speed Dating Tips For New Speed Daters

Here are my speed dating tips for you guys and girls who are about to embark on this fun way to make new friends and possibly find your life partner.

Statistics show that approximately 75% of people who participate in speed dating will arrange a further meeting with at least one of the other participants.  Obviously, you may have to attend a few events before finding someone who is right for you.  The great thing about speed dating is that it really does speed up the process of meeting potential dates.  How else could you meet and interact with 15 to 20 possible matches in the the course of a few hours?  Even if you don’t end up finding your perfect match through speed dating, you will more than likely score some dates.

Speed Dating Tips – Preparation

Something to keep in mind regarding speed dating is that there needs to be an even number of people at any given event.  For this reason, if there is a particular event you would like to attend, book your place early.  If you register late you may still be able to attend if someone drops out, but don’t leave this to chance.

Make sure to write down the day, time and venue of the event you register for.  If you are not familiar with the area (in which the event will be held) it’s a good idea to check out the place and make sure there is sufficient parking.  This is one occasion when you won’t want to make a late entrance.  That is one of the most important speed dating tips I can give you.

If you are late you will arrive flustered and due to the necessity of having even numbers, the event won’t be able to start until you get there.  Turning up late will hold up and inconvenience everyone else.  That will put you off to a bad start from which it may be impossible to recover, so give yourself plenty of time to get there.

Speed Dating Tips – What to Wear

Wondering what you should wear on a speed date?  One of my best speed dating tips regarding choice of clothing is to wear something that is flattering and that you are comfortable in.  This goes for both sexes.  Try to choose an outfit that is up-to-date in a colour that suits you.  Other than that, make sure you are clean and neat.

Ladies, don’t wear anything too revealing.  If you are unsure as to whether or not your outfit is suitable, there’s a good chance it isn’t and you won’t be comfortable wearing it.  Save those thigh high mini skirts and slashed to the navel necklines for the nightclub.  Sure, wearing these could make you popular with the guys but it won’t make you a hit with the other ladies who will, in effect, see you as their competition.  Besides, you are there to meet a guy you like, not score well on the card.

Guys, jeans and a t-shirt are fine.  It would be ridiculous to wear a suit if you never wear one in your everyday life.  Present yourself as you normally dress.  The one exception to this is if you normally wear ratty old runners.  Women notice men’s shoes, so don’t let yours let you down.

I hope these speed dating tips help make your speed dating experience more enjoyable.  Be sure to check back as I will be offering more speed dating tips soon.







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