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Does Online Dating Work?

Does online dating work is something just about anyone thinking of trying it will ask themselves.  People of all ages are giving it a go, with many being successful at finding their life partner.  If that sounds all too heavy, it shouldn’t.  Dating sites offer something for everyone.  Regardless of whether you are hoping to find a long term romantic partner, a casual date or even just make friends, online dating is worth considering. Read the rest of this entry

Speed Dating Tips

Speed Dating Tips For New Speed Daters

Here are my speed dating tips for you guys and girls who are about to embark on this fun way to make new friends and possibly find your life partner.

Statistics show that approximately 75% of people who participate in speed dating will arrange a further meeting with at least one of the other participants.  Obviously, you may have to attend a few events before finding someone who is right for you.  The great thing about speed dating is that it really does speed up the process of meeting potential dates.  How else could you meet and interact with 15 to 20 possible matches in the the course of a few hours?  Even if you don’t end up finding your perfect match through speed dating, you will more than likely score some dates. Read the rest of this entry

Speed Dating in London

Speed Dating in London

It can be hard to meet people in a big city such as London, especially for those who weren’t born and raised there.  Big cities can be intimidating to single newcomers who are without friends or contacts.  For those who find themselves in such a situation it can be difficult to know how to start to build a social life.  One option is to try speed dating in London. Read the rest of this entry

How to Attract a Guy

Knowing how to attract a guy is easy when you know the qualities guys admire in a woman.  Obviously guys are attracted to good looks in the opposite sex, just as girls are.  To really stand out though, it’s not only your appearance that matters.  There are other things that are just as important if you want to not just catch a guy’s eye, but hold his interest. Read the rest of this entry

How to Meet Women on Facebook

How to Meet Women on Facebook Easily

Social networking sites such as Facebook have given us the opportunity to reconnect with old friends.  They have also given us the chance to make new friends, including potential romantic partners.  While this opportunity exists for both sexes, with over 60% of Facebook users being female the odds are stacked in favor of the male users.  While any guy can use this to their advantage, knowing how to meet women on Facebook is especially beneficial for shy guys who may not have the necessary social skills to approach women at parties or in other social settings. Read the rest of this entry

Does Age Matter in a Relationship?

Does Age Matter in a Relationship? – Summer Winter Romance

Dating is often a live for the moment, fun thing when we are young.  Compatibility to a teen could be liking the same music and nightclubs.  As we mature and begin looking for a life partner, compatibility takes on a whole new meaning.  Sure, we want someone who will share or at least respect our interests.  More than that though we want someone with whom we can connect and bond on an emotional level.  Someone who cares for us, understands and values us.  But what if we meet such a person and there is a ten to fifteen year or more age gap between us? Read the rest of this entry

What is Speed Dating?

What is Speed Dating? – Origins

Speed dating is an arranged dating system that originated in Jewish circles in the United States. The aim was to give Jewish singles living in highly populated areas an opportunity to meet other Jewish singles.  These days, of course, we’ve all caught the bug and it’s not just confined to the Jewish population.  So now you know the origins of speed dating you may be wondering exactly what is speed dating and how it works.  Read on to find out. Read the rest of this entry

How to Approach a Girl

How to Approach a Girl – Tips

It’s Saturday night and you’re hanging out at the local bar with your buddies when you notice a girl.  Not just any girl, but a Goddess you just have to get to know.  The trouble is you have never been sure of how to approach a girl in such a situation.

Should you walk straight up to her?  Wait and hope she goes to the bar, stand next to her then attempt to strike up a conversation?  Buy her a drink and ask the wait person to take it to her with your compliments?  You don’t want to blow your chances by being too forward, but if you don’t do something she could leave and you might never see her again. Read the rest of this entry

Alpha Male Traits

Alpha Male Traits – Say What?

Have you come across a physically unattractive guy with a beautiful woman on his arm who dotes on his every word?  Your immediate assumption is likely to be that the guy must be rolling in cash.  You then find out that he is just an ordinary guy with an average job, so how does he do it?  And more importantly how can you emulate him and get a hot girl of your own?

You may be surprised to learn that this guy’s secret is something you can easily adopt.  He possesses alpha male traits that make him irresistible to women. Read the rest of this entry

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