How to Meet Women on Facebook Easily

Social networking sites such as Facebook have given us the opportunity to reconnect with old friends.  They have also given us the chance to make new friends, including potential romantic partners.  While this opportunity exists for both sexes, with over 60% of Facebook users being female the odds are stacked in favor of the male users.  While any guy can use this to their advantage, knowing how to meet women on Facebook is especially beneficial for shy guys who may not have the necessary social skills to approach women at parties or in other social settings.

How to Meet Women on Facebook – Tips

For guys with confidence it’s easy to meet women at a party.  Chances are both the guy and the girl he approaches will each know at least one other person present.  Starting up a conversation under such circumstances is easy.  All the guy has to do is ask the girl who she knows (at the party) and how she knows them.  From there they can share a story about their mutual connection, and in the process start to develop a connection of their own.  If you view Facebook as a virtual party, knowing how to meet women on Facebook becomes quite easy.

Let’s say you have 100 FB friends.  They each have 20 FB friends you don’t know and these 20 people each know a further 20 people on FB that you don’t.  Can you see the potential?  Your FB friends give you an excellent opportunity to make a lot of new friends, some of who could be single women or who may know single women.

How to Meet Women on Facebook and Friend Them

When sending friend requests I’d recommend you not contact a friend of a friend directly unless you check with your friend first.  Say, for example, you have a friend called Peter.  You click on Peter’s friends list and Lisa catches your eye.  Rather than send Lisa a friend request, click on her friends’ list and if you see a girl you like the look of, send her a friend request.  Having a friend or friends in common she will more than likely accept and you won’t have upset Peter of any of the other males on his list who may be dating Lisa.

An even better alternative would be to message the lady before sending a friend request.  This will allow you to gauge her response.  If she doesn’t reply to your message, whatever you do do not keep messaging asking if she got your message.  Do this and she may think you are either pushy or overly keen and desperate and she will more than likely ignore you or report you for hassling her.

Don’t make your first message too long, but don’t make it too short either.  Aim for about five to ten lines and be sure to mention the lady’s name.  You don’t want her to think you send the same generic message to everyone, so this will add a personal touch that will make her more likely to reply.  Try to write something memorable, or at least interesting.  If the info on her FB page is visible and you share a common interest, you could mention that fact.

If the lady replies and accepts your friend request you have the perfect excuse to keep in touch and move things to another level.  Don’t rush things.  If you see on her page she plays a certain game, sending her a game request would be a good way to break the ice.  If she has a pet you could send an animal rights petition for her to sign.  If she lives in your area and has “liked” a particular restaurant, business or service there, you’ll have an easy conversation starter.

How to meet women on Facebook is not that hard, so why not see if you can meet some women on Facebook today?

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