Knowing how to attract a guy is easy when you know the qualities guys admire in a woman.  Obviously guys are attracted to good looks in the opposite sex, just as girls are.  To really stand out though, it’s not only your appearance that matters.  There are other things that are just as important if you want to not just catch a guy’s eye, but hold his interest.

How to Attract a Guy – Physical Qualities

The first thing you need to do when thinking about how to attract a guy is figure out what your best qualities are.  Once you do this, use them to your advantage.

If your eyes are pretty, highlight them with a subtle shade of eye shadow and some mascara.  If you have a tiny waist, wear clothes that flatter and show it off.  If you have a great smile, smile often.  Even if your smile isn’t your best feature, smile anyway.  Everyone loves happy people, including guys.

Try to be well groomed at all times.  You might think no one will notice that your nail polish is chipped or that there’s a safety pin holding up the hem of your jeans.  Odds are the day you go out like that will be the day you see a guy you’d like to get to know.  Being well groomed will give you the confidence to either approach the guy and say hi, or respond to his conversation without having to worry about your appearance.

How to Attract a Guy – Personality and Character Traits

Confidence is a quality we all admire, and it’s certainly something men find attractive in women.  Confidence comes from within and it infiltrates everything we do.  Some people are naturally confident.  For those who aren’t, confidence can be learnt.

Truly confident people aren’t brash, arrogant or attention seeking.  Their confidence is quiet, sure and steadfast.  This is great news for shy types who think they have to behave outrageously to appear confident.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  People who act in such a manner often do so to cover up their feelings of inadequacy in social settings.

When you’re getting to know a guy, don’t think you have to act dumb for him to find you attractive.  We’ve all observed so called “dumb blondes” on tv and in the movies who have guys ogling and eating out of their hands.  These girls are playing a role and they get paid a lot of money for doing so.  Not so dumb after all, huh?

When it comes to real life most guys prefer women who are intelligent and have the confidence to show it.  Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist or only talk about “deep” subjects.  Just be yourself.  If you have an opinion on something that’s in the news or a view of what’s wrong with the world, don’t be afraid to express it.

If you see a guy you like the look of, don’t be hesitant about taking the iniative and starting up a conversation.  Most guys these days admire women who know what they want and have the confidence to go after it.  Don’t be pushy though.  Remember quiet, sure and steadfast, remember to smile and don’t be afraid to let your intelligence shine through.

I hope my tips on how to attract a guy were helpful.  Now get out there and meet some guys!





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