Speed Dating in London

It can be hard to meet people in a big city such as London, especially for those who weren’t born and raised there.  Big cities can be intimidating to single newcomers who are without friends or contacts.  For those who find themselves in such a situation it can be difficult to know how to start to build a social life.  One option is to try speed dating in London.

Speed Dating in London – What is It?

Speed dating in London has been around for a long time now and it’s popularity continues to increase.

There are a number of regular events held in different parts of the city.  While there is a cost to attend these functions, the price is quite reasonable.  For the price of a couple of drinks one gets to interact with a variety of single people, one of whom could potentially be your Ms or Mr Right.  If nothing else, speed dating in London is a fun night out and a great way to meet new people.

While the concept may seem daunting at first, most participants are surprised at how easy it is.  Each “date” usually lasts anywhere from 3 to 8 minutes.  Depending upon who is sitting opposite, that time can pass way too quickly or seem like an eternity.  The good news regarding the former scenario is that those who feel a mutual attraction will have the opportunity to meet again, or even kick on that night.  As for the latter, be assured it will all be over very quickly and there is no obligation to arrange a further meeting.

Speed Dating in London Events

Many speed date meetings are held in wine bars.  Indulging in a drink or two can make for a relaxed atmosphere, but be sure not to drink too much as alcohol can cloud judgement.  When the glow of the alcohol wears off, your handsome Prince Charming could indeed more closely resemble a frog.  Overindulging in alcohol could also put your safety at risk, so take it easy.

Other venues for speed dating events include restaurants, art galleries, clubs or even parks.  There really is no limit to where these events take place.

Speed dating events cater to a variety of niche markets and some are themed.  There are events that are age bracket or religion specific.  Events for older women/younger men.  Events for women looking for older guys or guys who are wealthy.  Events for business professionals.   Events for dog lovers, foodies, sports enthusiasts.   And the list goes on.

One common inclusion at the start of some speed dating events is what is called Lock and Key.  Half of the participating speed daters are given a lock, the other half a key.  The idea is to match the two.   While this may sound corny, it’s a great icebreaker that gets everyone mixing right away.

So for all your singles out there looking for a match, why not give speed dating in London a try? – it could turn out to be the best few minutes of you life!



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