Pros and Cons of Online Dating – Is Online Dating For You?

More and more of us are looking to the internet to meet someone special to either date casually or have a serious relationship with.  Here are some of the pros and cons of online dating that will help you decide if it’s for you.

Pros and Cons of Online Dating – The Pros

One of the chief advantages of dating online is the speed and efficiency it offers.  Within minutes of joining a dating site you can be connecting with a large number and variety of potential matches.  

Online dating allows one to browse profiles and make contact with those who interest them.  While liking someone’s profile does not guarantee you will hit if off in person, you will at least know if the person shares your interests and is looking for the same things as you.

Unlike meeting someone in a club or bar, if you are not interested in the person who attempts to interact with you there is no need to respond.  Having said that, acknowledging the person who contacts you, even only to wish them well in their search, is the courteous thing to do.

You can keep initial interactions confined to the dating site until you get to know the person a little.  This could save you from having to go on a boring date with someone you have no interest in meeting in real life.  Not having to reveal your phone number right away will save you from being pestered if you no longer wish to stay in contact.  It will also provide you with a measure of safety as your new acquaintance won’t be able to use your number to trace your address.

Online dating is ideal for shy people.  It provides anonymity making it an excellent option for even the most socially inexperienced person to connect with others and express their personality through messages.

Online dating reduces the fear of rejection.  If you write to someone and they do not respond it is not as personal or confronting as being turned down in real life.

Pros and Cons of Online Dating – The Cons

Someone can seem ideal in their profile and they may appear to have a fantastic personality in their messages, but when you meet there may be no spark.  To avoid being disappointed do not allow yourself to get carried away.  Approach each date with the hope of making a new friend.  If more comes from the meeting, great.  If the date was boring, remember there are plenty of other people on the site just waiting to connect with someone and that someone could be you.

Not everyone is honest when filling out their online dating profile.  Most untruths are about things such as height and weight, and members of dating sites have been known to post photos of themselves that were taken five or ten years ago or more.

There have been instances of people who are married trying to pass themselves off as single.  While you have no control over what other people write in their profile, you do have control over what you write.  Being truthful will save you and any other members of the dating site you interact a lot of time and frustration.  By posting an honest profile and a recent picture the people who get in touch will do so because they like what the read about and see of you.

While not about safety per se, I feel it wise to point out in this post regarding the pros and cons of online dating, that there are scammers who join online dating sites to try and extract money from the unwary.  There are also identity thieves.  Care needs to be taken not to become a victim of these fraudsters.   For this reason and for safety reasons in general, refrain from divulging any personal details and never send money to someone you have just met on a dating site.

The pros and cons of online dating are many, but for those who exercise caution and approach it with realistic expectations it can be a lot of fun and maybe even life changing in the best possible way.

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