How to Approach a Girl – Tips

It’s Saturday night and you’re hanging out at the local bar with your buddies when you notice a girl.  Not just any girl, but a Goddess you just have to get to know.  The trouble is you have never been sure of how to approach a girl in such a situation.

Should you walk straight up to her?  Wait and hope she goes to the bar, stand next to her then attempt to strike up a conversation?  Buy her a drink and ask the wait person to take it to her with your compliments?  You don’t want to blow your chances by being too forward, but if you don’t do something she could leave and you might never see her again.

Any and all of the above ways to meet this dream girl could work, but I’m sure you want to know how to approach a girl and have the best chance of a positive reception

How to Approach a Girl – Be Sincere

It’s not just how to approach a girl that’s important, but what you say when you do.

Here is what works well for Matt, a friend of mine.  Matt does pretty well with the ladies.  He tells me his success rate when using this method to approach girls is about 90%, so it’s definitely worth a try.

Firstly, Matt positions himself in the lady’s line of sight, makes eye contact and smiles.  If the girl smiles back, or looks away then looks back again, Matt walks right on up to her and says, “the second I saw you I knew I had to meet you.”

This is not a pick up line but a very honest approach.  Most women will be flattered and think you are sweet for allowing yourself to be that vulnerable.  Make sure you are genuine about it though.  Smile.  Be confident, but not arrogant or sleazy.  Confidence is sexy.  Arrogance and sleaziness are not.

How to Approach a Girl – What Next?

So you’ve approached the girl and her response is welcoming.  What should you do next?  Well obviously you will need to start conversing, but what exactly should you talk about?

According to Matt, you should to try to establish some common ground quickly, but not so quickly as to seem pushy or desperate.  In all likelihood this girl will be there with at least one other friend.  Use this to your advantage by including her friend or friends in any future get-togethers you suggest.  She will view you as a really nice guy for doing so and this gesture will make you totally non-threatening meaning she will be far more likely to agree to seeing you again.

Your common ground could be a sport you both play, a pet, a love of dining out.  Basically anything.  Ask questions and listen carefully to the answers.  They could be your key to getting her number.

If, for example, you both love tennis, light heartedly challenge her to a game with the winner buying the loser a drink afterwards.  If you both have dogs ask which park she takes hers to.  Arrange to take your pooch along and meet her there.  If you both love dining out ask if she’s tried a particular new restaurant.  If she hasn’t say you’ve been wanting to try it and suggest you go together.  If she has already been there and likes it she will be happy to go again.  Hopefully with you.  If she didn’t like it, tell her you know a great restaurant and offer to take her.  Don’t forget to invite her friend or friends along.

So as you can see knowing how to approach a girl really isn’t hard, not even when it’s a beautiful girl.  In fact, a common complaint from beautiful women is that they are often home alone Friday and Saturay nights as most guys are too intimidated to approach them.  So why not take a chance?  You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.




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